DevOps Gathering 2019 - Workshops, bees and everything in between

The DevOps Gathering 2019 is over and we would like to take this opportunity to give you a short summary of our highlights and provide you some links, leading to Speakerdecks and Videos.

Group Picture DOG 2019


The conference started on Monday, the 11th of March 2019, which was the “Workshop-Day”.
Among all the workshops there were two we would like to mention in particular.

One of them is “Container Security” by Rachid Zarouali, who not only explained how to secure your containers but also your docker production platforms.
As far as we know, you enjoyed it too, at least that’s how it looks…


The other one is “Making Resilient, Self-Adaptive, and Autonomous Kubernetes Clusters” presented to you by Viktor Farcic.
He focused on what to do after you have set up a kubernetes cluster and everything is running and you wonder how to make your cluster more self-sufficient.

Viktor Farcic


The next two days were filled with conference talks, break conversations and delicious lunch.
Here are our favourites.

A topic you should never lose sight of when scaling your cluster(s) is the costs.
Henning Jacobs gave an interesting talk about this issue and how to solve it.


Have you ever wondered how to write your own kubernetes operators or did you want an overview of the existing ones? This is exactly what Roland Huss explained in his talk.

Roland Huss

The last talk of the was held by Busra Koken.
She shared the experiences she made on her journey to adopt the DevOps mindset and what “DevOps” means to her.



The goal of the conference is to provide space and time for the DevOps community to exchange, share and rethink IT.
This year we also want to raise awareness for other fragile systems that need support, such as bees. Therefore, we decided to give away flower seeds to provide local pollinators with more sources of food.
Under The Mango Tree supported us in finding a suitable and impactful gift for our speakers. Hence, we donated 21 of them to the social enterprise in Mumbai, India.
With the help of bees UTMT does not only enhance a rich biodiversity but also an inclusive economic development. Consequently, the goal is to enable the most marginalized groups in India with the help of beekeeping.
If you would like to know about their great work, check out their website.

Bee Project


Speaker slides

Videos of the talks

DevOps Gathering

Under The Mango Tree


- Jan and Tina

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