Bee involved with the DevOps Gathering 2019

DevOps Gathering 2019

The DevOps Gathering(DOG), is a community event in a beautiful and industrial city called Bochum. The Ruhr Area is famous for its big and small industrial companies that focus mostly on B2B. The DevOps Gathering, our community events and meetups provide local and international companies with the opportunity to connect, share and search solutions for a sustainable acceleration of digitalization together. In the meantime we help and support them to find a way towards suitable cloud solutions that ensure a sustainable software production and delivery around the globe.

This year 30+ speaker and experts will share their knowledge and experience with approx. 200 curious minds, keen to learn more about Kubernetes, Docker, container, microservices and cloud solutions. The bee42, which is the organizer of the event, will be represented by Peter Rossbach and Niclas Mietz. Niclas will lead a 101 Kubernetes Workshop and Peter will give a talk about the fashionable tool helm. Both of them are also sharing their impressive experience and knowledge during trainings and consulting throughout the year in germany.

An impactful conference

DevOps Gathering 2019 The rather obvious impactful part of the [DOG 2019]( is the knowledge transfer. Enabling curious people to meet and provide them with a space to discuss ideas, trends and possible risks are core values of [bee42](,. Additionally, the highlights and most insightful talks will be shared online on our webpage and social media channels.

This year, the bee42, also decided to go a step ahead and provide an holistic concept, to raise awareness and trigger actions for a local problem, vanishing pollinating insects, but also for a global problem such as underprivileged farmers in India, which suffer from poverty and an insecure livelihood.

Luckily, there are more people and companies motivated to solve real problems and like to rethink. Under the Mango Tree is a social enterprise that supports farmers in India by giving them a beehive. Why a beehive? Bees help to maximize the yield of their restricted farm land and the farmer and often the women sell one more product, which is honey. The impact in rural India is massive and the solution is a win-win for human and nature. An inclusive approach considering humans, nature and economy.

Evolving Architectures are not only our business, they are our passion

DevOps Gathering 2019 As you may guessed already, we are huge bee fans caring about a well-balanced environment and holistic sustainable solutions. [Under the Mango Tree (UTMT)]( from India is therefore the perfect match expressing our values in the offline world. Instead of giving our speaker an actual gift that will mostly likely be thrown away after sometime, we would like to make an actual difference.

At the conference itself we distribute flower seeds for bee-friendly plants. Evolving architectures are not only our business but our passion. Bees and other pollinating insects have been tremendously vanishing in the last 30 years in Germany. Only 30% are left. The reasons are increasing monocultures and decreasing wild flowering lawns, as well as diseases and pesticides. The bees that suffer the most are actually wild bee such as bumble bees. In the US 90% of the bees disappeared since the 90ies. Sadly, it is also the first time a bumble bee is listed as an endangered species in the US.

The consequences are difficult to imagine. To make it a bit more clear let us talk in numbers. The economic value of bees in Germany alone it is estimated to be 2.7 billion and globally even 265 Billion Euro (2015). Don’t get it wrong though, we are not really worried about the financial loss but more about the food we will eat. And of course, we like bees because they are so smart, keeping up their microservice architecture with such a perfection that we sure can still learn and adapt many things from them.

At the DevOps Gathering we don’t only want to rethink IT, we want to contribute to well-balanced and healthy system, online and offline.

*Tina, studied business ethics and philosophy, however her passion for bees and digital solutions finally brought her to bee42,. She is responsible for a customer-centric portfolio and the continuous improvement of our services according to the customer and market needs.

Bee Image: Tina Marquardt
UTMT Image: Under The Mango Tree

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