DevOps Gathering 2019 | Call for Papers & Sponsors

We are happy to announce that the third DevOps Gathering is now in preparation and we are now looking for speakers, workshops and talks! 🎉

➡️ 3rd DevOps Gathering, community conference 🎈

➡️ March 11 - 13, 2019 in Bochum (Germany)


➡️ presented by bee42 solutions

The DevOps Gathering is an international conference located in Bochum - surrounded by the metropolitan area of the Ruhr Valley. This melting pot of past times industrial revolutions is nowadays a hot spot for Germany’s IT industry - a perfect place to discuss the next big evolution of our industry and working culture. Let’s discuss the hot topics inside the DevOps community and start talking about CNCF-Projects, Container Ecosystems, Kubernetes, Microservices, Serverless, Clouds and everything else regarding the DevOps culture to automate all.

Everyone is invited to join and discuss the hottest topics of the Cloud Native development with its impact on the digital transformation. Join our journey and cooperate on infrastructure technology and innovative solutions to revolutionize the software industry.

📩 Submit your talk or workshop!

Deadline for Submissions: September 6th, 2018 ⏰

As usual, we’d like to invite you to submit your proposals for sessions in March 2019.

Please note:

❎ WORKSHOP DAY on Monday March 11, 2019

❎ CONFERENCE on Tuesday to Wednesday - March 12 - 13, 2019


💙 Halfday-Workshops (3 hours)

💙 Fullday-Workshops (6 hours)

💙 Talks (30 min + 15 min Q&A)

💙 Lightning Talks (10 min)

We will focus on the following topics, but are always open for surprises with new inspiring talks:

  • CNCF Projects (
  • OpenContainer Standards (
  • Container Ecosystem
  • Container Orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Container Security
  • Container Networking
  • Building Hybrid Systems
  • Multi Arch Binary
  • Docker and Kubernetes on embedded devices and IoT devices
  • Container for Developers
  • Stateful Container
  • Service Meshs
  • Provisioning with Helm, Terraform or Ansible
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Build good Container Images
  • Container OS like CoreOS or Linuxkit
  • Loadbalancing and HTTP Proxies
  • Kubernetes managed Cloud Services and dederation
  • Build your own OnPremise or Cloud Kubernetes Cluster’s
  • Logging & Monitoring
  • Serverless, Microservice and Front-End Services
  • DevOps und Agile Culture
  • Principles, Project Stories and Use Cases

📩 Submit now your talk or workshop!

We are looking forward to proposals with practical relevance – ideally based on project experiences or real technical inspiration. 🤗

We need your help - support the community!

We are hosting a self organized and community conference providing a platform for the DevOps Community and the DevOps revolution. We like to bring you all together: students, developers, CTOs and experts to discuss the hot topics Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, Clouds and everything else regarding DevOps. Let’s share the best practices, the know-how and learn from those who know best!

As a community conference with a low entrance fee, we depend on sponsors for making this event possible.

We would be happy and grateful to have YOU as a supporter of this great community! Join the DevOps Gathering and help bringing DevOps friends and communities together!

We offer Gold, Silver, Bronze, Diversity Sponsorship and also Venue, Vatering and Party sponsoring. If you have other ideas how you want to sponsor the event, please get in touch with us. We are happy to create a new sponsor package just for you.

Check our sponsor packages

There are so many reasons to become a sponsor…

  • Get in touch with the DevOps Community.
  • Meet with developers and operations experts ranging from students to CTOs, from corporate developers to senior technology executives.
  • Learn about the latest features and best practices regarding DevOps Kubernetes and the Docker architectures.
  • Learn what other companies are doing in terms of DevOps.
  • Collaborate with engineering managers from other companies.
  • Discuss strategic partnerships with technical product managers from other companies.

Do you have more questions? Please contact us!

Check our sponsor packages

The DOG19 conference crew

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