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42 … and the meaning of life

42 is the answer given to the question posed by Douglas Adams in the novel “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” about life, the universe and everything. According to this question of humanity, the answer was calculated from the largest existing computer at the time and is accurate with absolute certainty. But nothing is to be done because nobody knows what the question is. According to the protagonist Prak, the knowledge of question and answer is mutually exclusive. It is impossible to ever know both of them in the same universe - and if it does happen, questions and answers will be mutually canceled and the universe will be taken, which will then be replaced by something even more bizarre and incomprehensible. Some believe this has already happened…

42 is thus the meaning of life, and the answer to everything. This can then be interpreted differently: everything is the meaning of life, or that life makes no sense. However, everyone has to find an answer for himself.