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rethink - brilliantly designed, built and orchestrated systems lead to quickly added value


rethink - DevOps practices with an agile culture are the underlying assets of profitable, scalable and disruptive ventures


rethink - the digital imperative requires disruptive actions to create entirely new business opportunities


All Trainings are avaiable in the following languages: Deutsch and English

Docker DevOps Camp

25th/26th/27th September 2017, Vienna

Speaker: Peter Rossbach

This camp provides you with the Docker basics in comprehensible steps and puts you in the position subsequently to decide whether and how Docker is useful in your business and IT context.

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Docker GitLab/CI Lab

13th/14th September 2017, Hamburg

Speaker: Niclas Mietz

Learn more about Continuous Integration and delivery of container-based software. Set up and configure GitLab/CI for your automatic docker images build. Create your integration test with different runners. Learn the basics and become an expert to create good docker images.

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Kubernetes DevOps Lab

19th/20th September 2017, Berlin

Speaker: Peter Rossbach

This lab provides you with the Kubernetes basics in comprehensible steps and puts you in the position subsequently to decide whether and how Kubernetes is useful in your business and IT context.

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docker for java lab

Speaker: Peter Rossbach

This lab gives an overview of the best practices to develop Java application with Docker: Learn useful hints and discuss tricks to use Docker seamless with Java.

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The Mission

As a DevOps company, we gather the most talented people to help you establishing vertical solutions based on new technologies and collaborations.

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The DevOps company bee42 solutions gmbh in Bochum raises the level of your IT by implementing solutions that perfectly match your requirements. We provide a unique infrastructure solution based on the Docker ecosystem for your needs to build and operate your IT. We love to build infrastructure, implement software, measure systems and are always looking for the next improvement.

In order to achieve these goals, the bee42 team works with effective and efficient methods and reflects their actions. Our workflow is carefully constructed, well-considered and almost perfectly organized. We make use of agile methods, reduce processes, live DevOps and create simple value. We offer trainings, workshops, hands-on labs and consulting sessions to share our knowledge in a lean way. The crew of bee42 always works like a busy bee, to provide solutions in time and with high quality.

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The digital transformation has already begun. Don’t panic, be happy! We can help you to learn and specialize your knowledge in Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, Traefik, Prometheus or GitLab/CI with our experienced coaches. We regularly offer trainings in your area or come to you on demand.


Use the agile DevOps culture and Software Craftsmanship practices for the transformation of your organization and technology. We help you with agile transition concepts and technologies such as Continuous Delivery, Cloud Infrastructure & Container Technology to create brilliant software.


Set the basis for technological excellence together with us. We are your mentor for the operational challenges of your digitalization strategy. We can help to find the right way to create faster business value.

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We already inspired more than 10,000 DevOps engineers at conferences and in trainings.

2017 Conferences

  • Monthly Docker Meetups in Bochum
  • Microxchg Berlin 2017/02/16-17
  • IOT Conference Munich 2017/03/14-15
  • 4th Docker Birthday Meetup Party Bochum/Dortmnd at Zalando Dortmund 2017/03/16-
  • DevOps Gathering 2017/03/23-25
  • CloudNativeCon and KubeCon Europe 2017/03/29-30
  • DockerCon Austin 2017/04/17-20
  • Container Days Hamburg 2017/06/20-21
  • DockerCon Europe Copenhagen 2017/10/16-18

2017 Trainings and Workshops

  • Docker DevOps Camps
  • Docker GitLab/CI Lab
  • Docker for Java Lab
  • Docker Prometheus Lab
  • Docker on ARM Workshop
  • Docker Orchestration Day at Microxchg Berlin

2016 Conferences

  • DevOpsCon in Munich
  • Microservice Summit
  • ContainerConf in Mannheim
  • W-JAX in Munich
  • DevOpsCon in Berlin
  • JAX DevOps in London
  • JAX in Mainz
  • Microxchg in Berlin
  • OOP in Munich

2016 Trainings

  • Docker Camp in Düsseldorf, Köln, Munich, Berlin and Wien
  • Docker Meetup Dortmund - Docker Orchestration
  • Docker Meetup Bochum - Docker on ARM
  • Docker Meetup Bochum - Traefik with Docker
  • Docker Meetup Munich - Docker Orchestration
  • Docker Consulting and Labs


  • Java User Group Düsseldorf - The Docker Ecosystem
  • WJAX Munich
  • JAX Mainz
  • JAX Finanz London
  • Continuous Lifecycle Mannheim
  • JavaScript Conference Darmstadt
  • DockerCon San Francisco
  • Docker and infrastructure talks
  • Foundation of DevOpsCon
  • WJAX Munich
  • Microxchg in Berlin
  • Docker Camps, workshops and trainings


  • Participant at DockerCon Europe Amsterdam
  • First Docker workshop in Germany - WJAX Munich
  • Part of the first Docker Coaching Day at Cologne
  • Publish first Docker German magazine

bee42 crew

Peter Rossbach

Founder of bee42, System Architect, Infracoder, Docker Influencer, DevOps Engineer, Apache Member, Apache Tomcat Committer, CTO of Setlog GmbH

Dieter Reuter

Docker Captain, Senior Consultant, DevOps Engineer, Docker Pirate at @HypriotTweets

Georg Jürgens

Business Development, Agile Expert, Entrepreneur

Niclas Mietz

DevOps Engineer, Docker Expert, Mobile Developer

Elena Hüls

Marketing and Event Enthusiast


It takes an entire team to achieve our vision.
Together we enable our clients to achieve their goals, build excellent software and share our knowledge.

DevOps Engineer

  • Design services with clever API’s
  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools
  • Experience with systems and IT operations
  • Familiarity with frequent incremental code testing and deployment
  • Build applications that living at the clouds
  • Strong grasp of automation tools
  • Data management skills
  • You like Container Technologies
  • Enable people to use modern technologies
  • Think infrastructure first

Frontend Engineer

  • Create beautiful human responsive applications
  • Experience with frontend application architectures
  • Good understanding of cross-device (responsive, mobile-first) development and processes
  • Experience with LESS / SCSS, prototyping, JavaScript MVCs, React JS, Node.js, or, e.g. also AngularJS
  • Independent work with high quality awareness
  • High dedication, enthusiasm and passion for new technologies
  • Experience with DevOps and the agile philosophy

It is clear that not every single person can control everything.
But we are a DevOps company
and come from different directions to help us learning from each other.
So we are living the agile culture
and work across functional borders.
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